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A broken tenancy may arise if a renter and a landlord sign an agreement for a term and the renter happens to leave the apartment for a while. That’s something that you definitely need to prevent from happening. If you suspect there is something wrong and you have to get out of the contract, it is best to speak to your landlord and figure out if there are any alternatives available. The landlord may have ways to find payment for the contract. Doing things that are not right, any rental that is not handled properly will affect your reputation and/or rental history significantly. A rental break, which could end up showing in your credit reports. It will ultimately be sent to a collection agent. If the renter and landlord monitoring repositories cause the broken lease, problems may occur and would have a very bad effect on an apartment being accepted.


An eviction takes place if a renter has signed a deal with a landlord for a period of time and the renter has broken one of the lease conditions and refused to addresses the issue. What happens that much more frequently is an evacuation, which is originated by not paying the rent. In addition to the contract, the contract must specify what will cause any eviction. A trial needs to contend with an expulsion. The landlord cannot cope with the eviction alone and throws out the renter, by changing the locks of the apartment. For expulsion or eviction not to take place, the judge of a court may give you a bad credit score, and this issue will be shown with an expulsion on your credit report. When an eviction notice has been given, it is better to contact a landlord and/or eviction attorney to prevent relocation if necessary.

A Broken Lease, What Is It?

Most of the renters have a written lease signed before they transfer to an apartment between the renter and the owner or apartment maintenance service. The leasing provides the landlord with protection of loss of income if an apartment is empty. An owner does not want to be blindsided by a person that vacates and leaves the apartment. The contract stipulates both terms and conditions that a renter must comply with. A broken tenancy is where a renter leaves the unit. Breaking a lease without contacting the owner is a breach of one of the provisions of the contract which may be a serious offense.

It is advisable to read the contract carefully before signing a rental agreement on every apartment or rental property. You must understand everything. The lease can include an optout clause suggesting the obligation for the violation of the lease early. You should always have the option to speak with the owner if anything goes wrong. It’s a smart idea to contact the landlord or apartment manager before you sign the contract if you have a career that could entail a work transition in the future, you are in the military and would be transferred or you are worried of other factors may come into play. If you indeed decide that to leave the building, the more consideration the better, so any decisions made by the landlord would be fair.

Even if you can sublease an apartment you have to take care of the fact that the tenants are also liable if any liabilities occur.


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