Dallas Broken Leases is known as the leading Dallas apartment locator. We assist renters with the best apartment to rent to suit their lifestyle and budget. With over 20 years of experience in locating apartments in the greater Dallas, Texas area, our experienced apartment locating agents will match you with the apartment that fits YOU!

We assist renters with good and bad credit with locating the best place to rent within the entire Dallas and Dallas County area which includes Richardson, Desoto, Irving, Garland, Carrolton, Mesquite and Farmers Branch. Rental properties include apartments, homes, condominiums and other properties available for rent.


Renting an apartment or other rental property in Dallas County there are several negative marks that can be found on a person’s credit or rental history that will affect the approval process for obtaining a signed rental agreement between a landlord and a tenant, which are as follows:

  • Bad Credit or Poor Credit
  • Low Credit Score or Low FICA Score
  • Eviction
  • Broken Lease in Dallas
  • Rental Debt
  • Landlord Debt

When looking to rent an apartment, credit score, credit history and rental history will matter to a potential landlord when they decide to approve or deny a rental application. Unfortunately, if you have a poor credit score or unsatisfactory rental history, it can affect getting approved for any rental property. Dallas Broken Lease Locators has the expertise and tools in place to assist potential renters with locating a broken lease apartment in Dallas regardless of what negative marks are shown on their credit or rental history. We will help you to locate an affordable broken lease apartment in Dallas or in one of the neighboring areas at absolutely no fee.


There is plenty of information found in libraries and online about how to repair bad credit or fix bad credit. In the meantime, starting over with bad credit doesn’t have to be discouraging because there are plenty of landlords who will rent an apartment regardless of bad credit or rental history.

  • Ability to rebuild and fix your credit.
  • Ability to rebuild your rental history.
  • Ability to improve credit score.

Looking for an apartment on your own can be challenging even when you search online for “broken lease apartments near me” or “apartments for bad credit near me.” Fortunately, there are professional and effective apartment locating services in Dallas that will assist you with finding an apartment without the hassles. Dallas Broken Leases is the top apartment locating service that is free.

Once approved for an apartment or rental property, the landlord or apartment management company will more than likely require a signed lease. A lease agreement is between the tenant and the landlord which is a legal document with set terms for a certain length of time. Within the lease agreements lists the terms and conditions of the lease. Because it is a legal document, it is important to read and thoroughly understand it before signing it. When signing the lease, you are agreeing to what is stated, and you must follow those terms or risk being evicted.

If you have a signed lease agreement, you most likely do not foresee breaking the lease or doing anything to violate it. But, unfortunately life happens, and things unexpectedly happen. There are different reasons as to why a tenant may need to break their lease like for job loss, a job transfer, military deployment or relocation, family emergency, a medical reason or something else that is significant. These are unexpected life situations that may cause a person to break their lease.


If renting an apartment or other rental property and for whatever reason the lease breaks because you vacated the premises without permission. Breaking a lease can damage your credit score and rental history. A broken lease is not like an eviction. A broken lease, you control vacating the rental property and breaking the lease where an eviction is where one of the terms of the lease agreement were violated and the landlord pursues an eviction to regain possession of the rental property. A broken lease and an eviction can significantly hurt your credit and your rental history making it difficult to find another apartment to rent in Dallas.

  • A broken lease can show up in rental databases for up to 7 years.
  • A broken lease can show up on your credit report for several years.
  • You can still be responsible for the unpaid rent for the remainder of the lease.

Dallas Broken Lease Locators consists of professional rental agents and apartment locators who will be able to assist you with finding the best apartment or rental apartment regardless of a poor credit score, credit or rental history. The process of getting approved for an apartment can be frustrating, if because of bad credit or rental history. We have assisted countless renters just like you who have had had a broken lease and we can help you, too!


If you are currently renting and are late on your rent, you need to be aware the landlord may proceed to get you to vacate the apartment or rental property. The legal process for filing an eviction for non-payment of rent takes place at the Justice of the Peace in Dallas County. For further information, please visit the Dallas County Court website for an eviction for non-payment of rent. How to fight an eviction or fight the eviction process, it is advisable to speak with a Dallas eviction attorney.

An eviction attorney in Dallas will be able to properly advise you of the Texas eviction laws, the eviction process in Texas, how to fight an eviction and go over the eviction apartment process with you so you know exactly how to protect your rights.


Tenant has failed to pay the agreed amount of rent. Most importantly, the landlord cannot refuse to accept the rent and claim rent wasn’t paid.
Once the rent is late, the landlord must deliver to the tenant’s residence a written eviction notice – “Demand for Possession” or “Notice to Vacate” naming each occupant the landlord would like to evict from the premises.

The written notice must state the reason why the landlord is demanding possession of the rental property. Also, the notice must state how long the tenant must vacate the premises voluntarily, which must be at least three (3) days, unless the landlord and tenant have agreed a different amount of time stated in the written lease or agreement.
Delivery of the written notice must be handed to the tenant or to anyone over the age of 16 years old in person who is living in the premises, mailed to the tenant or attached to the inside of the main entry door.

Soon after the notice is presented to the tenant and after the notice period ends, go the Justice of the Peace Court in the precinct where the property is situated to file a written “sworn petition” for an eviction. The court will decide who has the right to the possession of the rented property.

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