The team at Dallas Broken Leases has helped thousands people with criminal backgrounds, felonies, misdemeanors and deferred adjudications find apartments that will accept their applications. The Dallas metropolitan area is one of the  largest in the nation. It ranges in an immense diversity and offers a variety of cultural influences. The Dallas area offers several opportunities to individuals with a criminal past.  For this reason, a lot of people from other states relocate to Dallas to restart their lives. Especially those with criminal records. Deferred adjudications are a sentence that can be eventually expunged after a individual successfully completes their probation. Deferred adjudication offers people the opportunity to expunge or see other records from the public view and gives them the opportunity for a fresh start. It’s like having no criminal background at all. Dallas Texas is a is a beacon of light offering unlimited opportunities to deserving individuals with  felonies or misdemeanors on their records. The experienced staff at Dallas Broken Leases has the experience, resources and desire to help those who deserve an apartment in Dallas willing to accept their application. We believe in compassion and not prejudgment. We want you to have a productive and prosperous life. We will bypass the rejection process and get you approved saving you time and money. We simply love to help people become prosperous and productive citizens once again.