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What are the damages of missed rent because of a broken lease? The risk is that you will destroy your credit record, credit history and/or rental history if you vacate an apartment without the renter’s consent before your lease expires. A lender can notify the owner or landlord repositories of your expired lease and this can remain on your credit report for up to 7 years. If the owner in the future reviews and sees that you have a history of this type of action, it may then reflect the rent payment of the place that you want to lease. As specified in the agreement, you may be indebted to pay the rent in advance for the rest of the lease agreement.

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The contract should be read and acknowledged before signing the agreement. If a renter decides it is important to break the rental in the first place, it is best to read the rental and see if there are potential ways to prevent breaking the lease. The debt owed can easily be passed to a collection agency and a prosecutor. It is quite easy to render a decision against you if it comes to court and shows you have owed for a certain amount of time. To help stop harmful consequences onto yourself, you have to call your landlord; communication is the key!

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