Dallas Broken Leases is considered the premier resource in the Dallas area for individuals and families broken leases, evictions, bad credit, slow pays, and criminal backgrounds. We can provide 2nd Chance rentals in Dallas. We are a team of Dallas apartment locators specializing in and assisting those with poor rental histories, low FICO scores and even criminal past. We literally call each and every property in the Dallas area to get the exact details regarding the rental criteria. We ask questions like “Can you accept someone with a broken lease or eviction? If they answer “Yes, we can” then we ask how old is the broken lease or eviction need to be? Do you have credit score requirements? Can you possibly accept someone with a misdemeanor? Can you possibly accept someone if they had a felony conviction? If yes how old do they need to be? Are there certain types of felonies or misdemeanors you will not accept? Do you offer second chances? The process is never-ending. This is how we can offer second chance leasing. Dallas Apartments change management, owners and policies constantly. We keep up with all the constantly changing policies, so you don’t need to. We can provide list of 2nd  chance rentals in Arlington, Fort Worth, Grapevine, Grand Prairie, Allen, McKinney, Addison, Skillman, Flower Mound etc. anyone can easily find us on any popular search engine by entering search terms apartments near me accept and broken leases, apartments near me accepting evictions, apartments near me accepting bad credit, apartments near me accepting criminal backgrounds, apartments near me accepting misdemeanors or apartments near me accepting felonies. We will be able to provide you a selection of Dallas area apartments that will accept your application if you have poor rental history, bad credit or criminal record. We also have 2nd chance apartments in Plano, Richardson, Garland, Mesquite, Frisco, Carrollton, Lewisville, Denton, Irving, Arlington, Ft Worth, Allen, McKinney, Grand Prairie, Grapevine etc. Just search any browser for “apartments accepting broken leases near me” or “apartments accepting evictions near me”, “apartment accepting felons near me”, “bad credit apartments near me” 


Simply fill out the Dallas Texas apartment locators contact form and we’ll return with available apartments in the Dallas and surrounding areas that best fit what you are looking for! You are guaranteed one of our highly experienced and professional Dallas Apartment Locator will be in contact quickly. We know your time is valuable and we are here to help make the process faster and more efficient. Provide as much additional detail as possible in the comments field so we can predetermine which 2nd chance apartments will accept your application.

Your apartment locator Dallas knows where the BEST DEALS on apartments in the greater Dallas metroplex and surrounding area can be found. We can SAVE you time AND money. Allow us to help you find apartments accepting bad credit, broken leases, evictions, bankruptcies, repossessions, unpaid child support, and even criminal backgrounds. Dallas TX apartments locators will find a Dallas apartment rental that will accept bad credit. The are Dallas apartment for rent that accept evictions and broken leases. 

Dallas Apartments Willing to Accept Criminal Backgrounds:

Dallas Broken Leases offers a variety of apartments willing to accept applications from individuals with criminal backgrounds. This includes misdemeanors, felonies and those on deferred adjudication. There are several Dallas area apartments and landlords that will accept individuals with criminal records. Search for Dallas apartments that accept felons near me. Dallas apartment accepting misdemeanors near me. It can be more challenging for those with aggravated or violence related offenses. They older the criminal conviction is the easier it is for us to find apartments near you willing to accept individuals with a criminal past. We have helped hundreds of individuals in the Dallas and surrounding areas secure safe and decent nearby apartments willing to work with their criminal background. People who have had their records expunged after completing deferred adjudication will find there are a significant number of apartments willing to accept their applications. Expunging a criminal record after completing deferred adjudication is highly recommended.


Dallas Apartment Locators

We can provide a selection of apartments in Dallas offering second chance leasing anywhere in the Dallas metropolitan area.  There are hundreds of apartments that will accept a broken lease, eviction or bad credit. We have all the resources, so you don’t need to try to find 2nd chance apartments near you on your own. If you have bad credit, broken leases, evictions we can definitely help. 

We have a large selection of Dallas 2nd chance rentals accepting bad credit near you. Please be prepared as possible before an agent from Dallas Broken Leases contacts you. It is always helpful to know how old your broken lease or eviction is. It also helps to know the balance or judgment amount the property claims you owe. Your credit score is one of the most important numbers in your life these days. Knowing your FICO score can be of immense help. 

You may search for apartments in Dallas Texas convenient to your work. Or you may need to live close to an aging relative. No matter what your requirements may be, we will do our level best providing you with a list of second chance apartments accepting bad credit, broken leases, evictions, misdemeanors and felonies. We can provide apartments in Dallas Texas accepting poor rental history and bad credit. 

If you have children, you may wish to research the schools in the Dallas for excellence and reviews.  Even if you have a bad credit score, we can help find 2nd chance apartments near you. We have created hundreds of relationships with apartments offering second chance leasing. Dallas Broken Leases can provide a list of 2nd chance rentals near you that accept evictions, broken leases and bad credit. We are highly experienced apartment locators Dallas. There are hundreds of apartments for rent Dallas Texas.  

You might be looking for an apartment in Dallas near the Civic Center District in Dallas, Upper Greenville, Lower Greenville, Deep Ellum, Oak Cliff, Highland Park, White Rock, Farmers Branch or the West End Historic District. Our apartment finders in Dallas are here to help find 2nd chance leasing near you accepting bad credit, evictions, slow pays and broken leases near you.  


Your apartment locator will find the very best apartments for rent in Dallas, that meet your criteria, whether it be best location or best price.


You'll get your very own personalized list of apartments in Dallas, including photos, floor plans and rent prices, prepared specifically for you.


Review this list with your experienced locator agent and we will go from there. Finding an apartment in Dallas with a broken lease or bad credit is that simple!

How Begin to Build Credit When You Are Looking for an Apartment Near You in Dallas

Our broken lease and apartment finders help you identify bad credit apartments for rent, and apartments that offer lenient credit requirements in Dallas. However, you may need to start working on your credit now. Here are some things you can do that may not be perfectly intuitive – like it is a good idea to use your credit cards, on occasion. These pointers will help find better quality bad credit apartments in Dallas TX. 

Credit Repair Tip #1: Apply for a new secured credit card.
Credit Repair Tip #2: Aim for up to 50% available credit. For any future cards, allow at least half of the credit to be un-used.
Credit Repair Tip #3: Put 10% of every paycheck or income in savings so if you run into challenges again you will have a nest egg and won’t have to be late on payments or incur an eviction.
Credit Repair Tip #4: Open your mail. Negotiate with creditors. Now that you may have had a string of difficult situations financially, a company may be willing to accept less than full pay off on your past non-payments of loans or credit cards.
Credit Repair Tip #5: Seek a better paying job.
Credit Repair Tip #6: Start a side entrepreneur business for extra cash flow.
Credit Repair Tip #7: Pay off a smaller dets so they are no longer reflected on your credit.

Once you begin to build your credit back up it will soon be reflected on the three credit bureaus. It will show that you are a responsible individual who pays their bills on time. But for now, take time to fill out our form so we can help you find an apartment for rent even with bad credit. Our specialty is finding broken lease apartments, apartments that accept evictions, and apartments that will accept bad credit as well as criminal backgrounds.

Causes of Broken Leases

Tenants can break leases for many reasons. Take some time to look into the rules that govern Dallas, TX apartment situations. Texas is not the same as all of the states in the USA Renters often break their leases by moving out before your lease was up or failing to give proper notice to vacate. Most Dallas TX apartments require 30 or 60 day notices to vacate that must be provided in writing. The rent must be paid up to the final day of the lease agreement. If cleaning or property damages are noticed after the renter moves out and additional fees can be charged by the apartments or landlords that can be reported to the credit bureaus. Any time an apartment complex or landlord claims you have a remaining balance after a lease has expired is still considered a broken lease. Broken leases are extremely common. There are tens of thousands of people in the Dallas metropolitan area with broken leases on their credit. This makes it nearly impossible for them to find apartments willing to accept their application. That’s why our services are here, so you can find 2nd chance apartments near you even if you have a Dallas broken lease on your credit. Military personnel are allowed to break Texas leases by providing proper notices in writing and evidence that they are being transferred or deployed by their military unit. We have apartments for rent Dallas accepting evictions and broken leases. 

The team at Dallas Broken Leases understands the importance of finding apartments for individuals and families deserving a second chance leases. Be assured knowing that the odds are no longer stacked against you. There are hundreds of apartments in Dallas TX willing to offer second chance rentals. We know who they are. They would like your business. The only thing they ask is that you can demonstrate that you are gainfully employed and earn enough income to help ensure that you will not be enduring another broken lease or eviction. You can rest comfortably and leave the rest to us. Contact Dallas Broken Leases to find your second chance apartments today!