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Tarrant County Broken Leases is highly acknowledged throughout the area as the top Dallas apartment locator. Over the last two decades, we have been able to assist all sorts of renters connect with the very best apartment fitting their lifestyle and spending budget. Our experienced apartment locating agents will be able to match you with the apartment that fits YOU! Our apartment locating service in Tarrant County service is completely free to you.

Tarrant County, Texas has over two-million people residing there. Our professionals assist all renters whether they have good and bad credit locate the best place to rent within the entire Dallas area. Some of the known towns located in Tarrant County include; Benbrook, Colleyville, Bedford, Blue Mound, Arlington, Euless, Everman, Haltom City, Forest Hill, Dalworthington Gardens and others. There are many different rental properties people look for and we can help you find an apartment, condo, town house or house to rent.

What May Affect your Credit and Ultimately Getting Approval to Rent an Apartment in Tarrant County?

Renting a rental property like an apartment in Tarrant County, landlords may look for negative marks on a person’s credit or rental history. Some of the things potential landlords include:

  • An Eviction or Foreclosure
  • Bad Credit
  • Low Credit Score
  • Broken Lease in Tarrant County
  • Rental Debt
  • Landlord Debt
  • Slow Payment History

When shopping around for a place to rent, credit history and rental history will likely matter to a potential landlord when decide whether approve your rental application. If you have bad, it can affect getting approved for a rental property like an apartment. Tarrant County Broken Lease Locators has the skills in place to assist renters with finding a broken lease apartment anywhere in the Dallas area regardless of how a person’s credit looks – good or bad. We will find an affordable broken lease apartment in Tarrant County or in a neighboring area at absolutely no fee.

The Benefits of Having a Broken Lease Apartment in Tarrant County or Apartment for People with Bad Credit:

There is quite a bit of information found online about how to repair bad credit. Starting over with bad credit doesn’t have to be upsetting to you because there are numerous landlords who will still rent an apartment regardless of your bad credit or rental history.

You do have the ability to...
  • Rebuild and fix your credit.
  • Rebuild your rental history.
  • Improve your credit score.

Once approved for an apartment or rental property, the landlord or apartment management company will more than likely require a signed lease. A lease agreement is between the tenant and the landlord which is a legal document with set terms for a certain length of time.

Broken Lease Tarrant County

If you rent a place and for whatever reason you break the lease because you vacated the premises without the landlord’s permission, it can damage your credit score and/or rental history. A broken lease or even an eviction can significantly tarnish your credit and your rental history which can make it difficult to rent another apartment to rent in Tarrant County.

  • In rental databases - A broken lease can show up for up to 7 years.
  • A broken lease can show up on your credit report for several years.
  • You may still be responsible for the unpaid rent for the remainder of the lease if you break the lease..

The Eviction Process in Tarrant County

If you late on your rent, you need to be aware the landlord may start to proceed with the court to get you to vacate the apartment or rental property. The legal process for filing an eviction against a prospective tenant for non-payment of rent takes place at the Justice of the Peace in Tarrant County. For more information about evictions please visit the Tarrant County Court website for an eviction for non-payment of rent or consult with an attorney.

An eviction attorney in Tarrant County will be able to advise you of the Texas eviction laws and the entire eviction process in Texas, so you know your rights.

  • Tenant has failed to pay the amount of rent owning per stated in the lease agreement.
  • After rent is late, the landlord must deliver a "Notice to Vacate" or "Demand for Possession" form to the tenant’s residence.
  • The written notice must state exact the reason why the landlord is requesting possession of the apartment/rental property. Additionally, the notice must state how long the tenant must voluntarily vacate the premises, which must be at least three (3) days.
  • Delivery of the written notice must be mailed to the tenant’s residence, must be handed directly to the tenant or to anyone over the age of 16 years old in person who is living in the premises or attached to the inside of the main entry door of the tenant’s residence.

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