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Throughout the entire Dallas area, Denton County Broken Leases is best known for being the top apartment locator. Over the last 20 years, we have successfully assisted renters of various financial backgrounds find the most ideal apartment to rent matching their lifestyle and their monthly spending budgets. Our skilled professional apartment agents will be able to easily match you with the best apartment or rental property that works for you!

Denton County has over 662,000 individuals residing in the county. There are over 224,000 households in around 256,000 housing units – rental and privately-owned properties. Some of the populated rental areas include; Dallas, Lewisville, Flower Mound, Denton and The Colony areas.

No matter how good or poor your credit, we help all renter types locate the very best place to rent within Denton County and the surrounding areas. There are all sorts of rental properties available regardless of credit which include apartments, duplexes, condominiums, single family homes and other places to rent.

Getting Denied Renting an Apartment in Denton County

On the credit report, potential landlords check for credit worthiness. If they find negative marks on a credit report or rental history, they may deny your rental application. Unfortunately, negative marks will likely affect getting approved for renting a place to live. The following are what landlords look for on credit reports:

  • Delinquent Pays, Slow Plays and Missed Payments
  • Bad Credit / Poor Credit
  • Low Credit Score / Low FICA Score
  • Eviction / Foreclosure
  • Broken Lease in Denton County
  • Any Rental Debt or Landlord Debt

Credit history, rental history and credit score does matter when looking to rent a property. These are the tools landlords use to approve or deny a renter’s application to lease an apartment. If you have a below average credit score or not so great rental history, it may affect approval for a place to rent in Denton County. Dallas Broken Lease Locators has the tools in place to assist individuals with looking for a broken lease apartment in the Dallas area no matter what negative marks are appearing on the credit or rental history. In addition, we will assist you with locating an affordable broken lease apartment in Dallas or the surrounding areas at no charge.

Trying to find an apartment on your own can be a stressful process even when searching for top keyword phrases like “broken lease apartments for rent near me” or “apartments for people with bad credit near me” using an online search engine. Fortunately, our professional locating service in Denton County will assist you with locating a rental property without the aggravation. Denton County Broken Leases is the top apartment locating service that is free.

Broken Lease in Denton County, Dallas

If renting a rental property and you break the lease because you vacated your apartment without communicating with your landlord, it is considered a broken lease. Breaking a lease can ruin your credit history, credit score and rental history. A broken lease can seriously hurt your credit and can make it difficult to rent another apartment in Denton County.

The Denton County Eviction Process:

If you are renting a place now and are late paying your rent, the landlord can proceed with an eviction to get you to vacate the apartment. It is a violation of the lease agreement when rent is not paid, and the landlord can follow the legal process for filing an eviction because of non-payment of rent. This process takes place at the Justice of the Peace in Denton County. For additional information, please visit the Denton County Court website for information about the eviction process. IF served a notice to vacation the apartment, you may want to consult with a Dallas eviction attorney right away.

An eviction attorney in Denton County will go over the Texas eviction laws and Denton County eviction laws, the entire eviction process in Texas as well as going over the eviction process with you so you know how you can protect your rights.

The Eviction Process in Denton County:

The landlord must give the tenant a 3-DAY NOTICE unless the signed lease agreement states otherwise. If the 3-DAY NOTICE can be mailed to the tenant, and the tenant must be given at least 5 days from the mailing date before the landlord can file a suit against the tenant.

The 3-DAY NOTICE must be delivered personally to the address in question, mail or posting the 3-DAY NOTICE to the inside of the main entry door.

After the affidavit has been filed at the courthouse, a citation will be issued, and it will be given to the Constable to be served.

The court date will be no less than 10 days and not more than 21 days from the date of filing. The courthouse tries to set the court date on the 14th day from filing.

If the Tenant does not move or appeal it within 5 days after a judgment for possession, the landlord may file a Writ of Possession. The Writ of Possession will give the Constable the authority to vacate the tenant.

Throughout the entire Dallas Metropolitan Area, Denton County Broken Leases offers a free apartment locating service to anyone who is looking to rent an apartment or other rental property. The process is simple and costs you nothing. To get started, simply fill out the online form and submit it, then one of our professional and detailed apartment locators will contact you soon enough. Using our free service will save you money and time. We will help you regardless of your credit score, credit history or rental history.


Regardless if you have any of the following on your credit report:


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