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Throughout Collin County, Dallas Broken Leases is regarded as the leading apartment locator. For over 20 years, we have assisted renters of all financial backgrounds find the best apartment to rent working with their budget and lifestyle. With years of experience matching individuals with bad credit apartments, our dedicated apartment leasing agents will match you with your most ideal apartment, condominium, townhouse or house, too.

A small portion of Dallas is situated in Collin County, and there are over 782,000 individuals taking up residence in the county. Some of the more populated areas of Collin County include Plano, McKinney, Allen and Frisco. Regardless of where you want to live in the county, there are plenty of landlords and management companies who will accept renters with bad credit or no credit.

Broken Lease Apartment Locator Service for Renters with Bad Credit:

Right now, you should consider repairing your credit. There is plenty of information available online and in the library about how to repair bad credit. Having a fresh start doesn’t have to mean it is bad because there are plenty of landlords who will rent an apartment no matter what the credit or rental history looks like.

Looking for an apartment on your own can be stressful even when searching online for top keywords like “apartments for bad credit near me” or “broken lease apartments near me.”

What Affects the Approval Process to Rent a Property in Collin County?

Renting an apartment in Plano, McKinney or other place, more than likely you will be asked to fill out an application for leasing an apartment. Once the application is filled out, the potential landlord will check your credit report and the landlord/tenant rental database to check for credit worthiness. The following is what they are checking for on the credit report:

  • Low FICA Score or Low Credit Score
  • Poor Credit or Bad Credit
  • Eviction or Foreclosure
  • Broken Lease on Rental History
  • Rental Debt
  • Landlord Debt
  • Repossessions
  • Late Payments

If you have bad credit, don’t give up hope because Dallas Broken Lease Locators will help you even if previously denied for an apartment. We help renters find a broken lease apartment in Collin County regardless of what negative marks are showing up their credit report or rental history. We will help you find a broken lease apartment no matter what. We do not charge renters for our service.

Broken Lease in Collin County – Broken Lease in Plano or McKinney

If renting a place to live and for whatever reason you break the lease because you vacated the premises without the landlord’s permission, then it is called a broken lease. Breaking a lease is a violation to one of the terms of the lease agreement, and it can damage your credit and rental rating. A broken lease is not like an eviction. A broken lease is something the tenant controls when they chose to break the lease and vacate the premises. When a landlord pursues an eviction to regain possession of a property, it is an eviction. Regardless, a broken lease and eviction can hurt your credit and rental rating which will make it difficult to rent another apartment.

  • For up to 7 years, a broken lease can show up in rental databases.
  • For several years, a broken lease can appear on your credit report.
  • You may be responsible for unpaid rent for the remainder of the lease.

Dallas Broken Lease Locators is made up of passionate, educated and professional rental agents and apartment locators who will help you find the most ideal apartment or rental apartment regardless of a broken lease, eviction, poor credit score, credit or rental history. Getting approved for an apartment can be very stressful, and even more so if having bad credit or poor rental history. We have assisted numerous renters just like you who have had had a broken lease, eviction or bad credit and we can help you, too!

Dallas Eviction Process:

When renting a property, you need to make sure you follow what is stated in the leasing agreement because if you are late on our rent or violate any of the terms, you are at risk of being evicted from your home. If you are late on your rent and fail to communicate with your landlord, you are at risk of being evicted. For more information about the eviction process, please visit the Collin County Court website. With any legal matter, it is always best to consult with an eviction attorney in Collin County.

The eviction attorney will go over the Texas eviction laws, how the eviction process works, how to fight an eviction in Collin County so you know how to have your rights protected.

The Eviction Process in Collin County -

Once a tenant has not paid their rent, a landlord can start the eviction process in Collin County.

1. Landlord will likely issue the tenant a "3-Day Notice to Vacate."

2. After the three days of the tenant receiving the notice, the landlord can file a Petition for Eviction or a Suit for Forcible Entry and Detainer in Justice of the Peace Court. Either document will start a lawsuit against the tenant with the possible result of the tenant being forcibly removed from the rental property.

3. Once, the eviction lawsuit is filed in Just of the Peace Court, then the Constable will serve the citation and copy of the lawsuit to the tenant.

4. If the tenant doesn’t respond to the eviction lawsuit, then an Immediate Possession Bond can be posted with the Justice of the Peace Court. If the tenant fails to submit an answer to the lawsuit before the end of the 7 days following the time the Constable serves the tenant, then the Court can issue a judgment for possession by default.

5. The landlord will be allowed to execute the judgment for possession of the property by filing a Writ of Possession on the 8th day following service.

Dallas Broken Leases is a free apartment locating service for individuals who have bad credit and looking for a bad credit apartment in Collin County. The process of obtaining an apartment regardless of your credit is simple. To get started in the search process, fill out the short online form, submit it and one of our apartment locators will get in touch with you. We will help you regardless of your credit score, credit history or rental history.



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